We proudly emphasize cooperation with the highest quality brands in the field of joinery. When we talk about aluminum and PVC profiles, the most famous brands ELVIAL, ALUMIL, KÖMMERLING and VEKA have earned our trust, and we are sure that they will earn the trust of our clients in the same way.

Arranging the living space can contribute to a better and better quality of life, so it is important to arrange it according to the highest standards. A well-lit space contributes to a good mood, so we must take care of the amount of light that enters our home. Custom-made aluminum and PVC profiles can contribute to making the space in which you live bright, warm and insulated from external noise.


ALUMIL has been designing high-quality aluminum products for over 30 years and thereby improving people’s quality of life by improving the space in which they live. High standards of aesthetics are in line with the latest architectural trends. The advanced thermal insulation of aluminum systems meets the necessary quality standards when it comes to energy efficiency, and also has a sun protection system. The quality of Alumil ALU profiles is reflected in the high safety and durability that you get with an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

We have all European and world standards with attestations and quality certificates:

  • Energy Management System ISO 50001:2011
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • FPC – Factory Production Control EN ISO 15088
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015
  • Management System for Health and Safety at Work BS OHSAS 18001:2007

Elvial aluminum profiles are intended for clients who set high standards, quality and aesthetic appearance. The high standards of production of Elvial aluminum profiles are a step towards perfection. Present your ideas to us, and we will offer the best solution for you.

A modern home, living space or business premises with Elvial technology can turn your vision of life into reality. Create the image and space you want and with our windows you will get a pleasant atmosphere and a sense of security.

Our offer includes aluminum windows of Elvial technology, entrance and sliding doors for your terraces. The design of aluminum window profiles consists of a minimal or linear design. Depending on the needs of the clients, we will choose the ideal profile measures for you in order to get an airy atmosphere of living and working space.

Standard Elvial aluminum profiles are very high and meet all European and world requirements. Protection against strong winds, warm air flow, water resistance are just some of the parameters that are at a high level when we talk about Elvial profiles. The heat transfer coefficient for frame profiles is expressed by the EN ISO 10077-2 standard.

The design of high-quality Elvial profiles offers numerous creative solutions to satisfy the refined taste of each client. It’s all in the details – specially designed frames in an industrial or minimalist style will ideally fit into the modern architecture of your home.

The functionality of our profiles is what adorns Elvial technology. Hinges are no longer a conspicuous part of the design. Thanks to innovations, the hinges can be hidden or angled unnoticed, yet still so easy to use. Certain models of aluminum profiles can be opened at 180 degrees or at an angle.

Elvial technology aluminum profiles are resistant to different weather conditions. Heavy rainfall, winds or high temperatures are something you will not feel in your home. Advanced manufacturing technologies, an advanced sealing system, additional filling of the insulation rod with glass fibers contribute to not feeling the cold nights and hot summers.

When it comes to the durability of these windows or carpentry, we must emphasize that Elvial has found a solution there as well. And that in the very final processing of production. Aluminum is a suitable material for making in color. There are almost no limits when it comes to colors. In two ways:

  • By powder coating – the aluminum surface is “passivated” by applying a chemical process of pre-treatment with chromium-free chemicals. Coating with a layer of polyester powder, we give the final shade of color and texture to the aluminum. In this process, we offer an unlimited palette of colors in shades and textures
  • Anodization – an electrochemical process during which the aluminum surface is transformed into a layer of inactive, cohesive and hard oxide. As a result, the “passivated” surface of aluminum functions as an impenetrable protective shield against adverse environmental conditions. The anodic coating is transparent and its structure allows the incorporation of limited shades of coloring pigments.

Improve your daily life, feel safe and save energy by simply choosing Elvial aluminum profiles today. Choose your favorite profile color and design and give your space additional value and meaning. With our help, every dream of a modern lifestyle can become a reality. Feel free to put challenging projects in front of us, and we will be dedicated to answering your every request.


Modern appearance, unique protection of space and a harmonious relationship between price and quality are the benefits of joinery made of PVC material. Our offer includes the Koemmerling brand, characterized by a new system of high insulation of 76 mm and energy saving in standard and customer-requested versions.

For a better quality of life, you should choose perfect protection, that’s why PVC joinery is an excellent choice. Easy maintenance and a high degree of safety are some of the advantages of a durable material such as PVC. Resistance to weather conditions such as rain, snow, winds and high temperatures are some of the lasting values ​​that contribute to a better life.

KÖMMERLING features ultra-modern technology for ease of use and reliable functionality. All PVC joinery profiles are made with calcium and zinc-based lead-free stabilizers that do not pollute the environment.

KÖMMERLING offers all the advantages that modern windows can provide. The central sealing system with six chambers and a construction depth of 76 mm is a combination of modern design and perfect profile proportions. With simple maintenance, provide yourself with a modern, warm and airy home with PVC joinery of German quality.

Professional installation is simple, fast and clean thanks to modern fastening technology. So replacing old windows with new modern KÖMMERLING ones couldn’t be easier. A large selection of colors and shapes gives PVC joinery a special look. You can combine the exterior and interior appearance of your windows and doors and thus refresh the look of the home you live in.

When it comes to front doors, we provide a high level of protection and stability in accordance with European standards. The five-chamber insulation system provides optimal protection against heat and cold. Simply replacing the old door with a new and modern KÖMMERLING door will give you a feeling of security and warmth.


VEKA is the world’s leading producer of PVC profiles for windows and doors on all continents. The origin and headquarters of VEKA Group is Sendenhorst, Germany. It has been here since 1969. create solutions that help clients around the world succeed.

It has experience, competence and knowledge of the specific requirements of each country. With more than 50 branches and representative offices, it is present in all major world markets. This business network enables it to understand and realize the individual wishes and expectations of more than 3,700 of its partners.